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Default Why do I make this so hard?

I weighed this morning and with not calling on excuses for higher-sodium stuff yesterday, body cycles, anything - I'm up three pounds since learning of my father's cancer and being back at work with a frenzied, stressful schedlue that extends into the evenings at home every night. (work, not stressed out home)... I cannot continue this momentum. I'm even up 0.4 since committing to a combo effort with DH... though still only a few days in.

I just keep wanting to reach for food. Carbs. And not fruit/veggie carbs. And not just when I'm hungry. The fridge is filled with healthy stuff, waiting for me to cook it up this evening to get us set a bit forward this week ... swapped out last night's meal for something faster as I was working, so that leaves me the same option for tonight. Like Maryann, though, I recognize rabbit hole foods (thank you for mentioning those from time to time on here - keeps me aware of them) and so, I think I'm going to skip that - use the ingredients for something else. I bought several colorful bell peppers and will make some stuffed peppers with carrots, onions, some rice and some ground turkey sausage. That will come up lighter/healthier.

OneByOne - thank you for posting as that made me feel less alone with MY I just want to eat, eat, eat day. Nothing high-calorie, but plenty of this and that.

ForMyGirls - I'm sorry to hear that you have such a challenging month ahead of you. Best of luck balancing everything, and remember to still take care of YOU.

Bill - Your Beck note today resonates with me and my kitchen this weekend. So much is calling to me. Hopefully the veggies start calling louder.

AZTricia - Love the new avatar and glad to hear that you found a caring, capable groomer. You rocked your pizza night - many credits there.

SeadWaters - Hope this week is a good one for you - any particular challenges you'll be facing?

GardenerJoy - Yes, CREDITS for meeting your February exercise goal and thank you for putting the idea in my mind for March.

Why do I make this so freaking hard? I was finding success and self-satisfaction in eating smaller portions.

Will get out to shovel snow here soon - and to clean the ice off my car so it'll be easier tomorrow morning. More snow on its way - not a whole bunch so far.

So close ... now so far!

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