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Good Sunday everyone! I slept good and woke up early (for me), and rar'n to get the day started. I like to air dry my hair so have to get it washed in order to have time. So now I'm sitting here with semi-wet hair with plenty of time before I actually have to get ready for church. Just had breakfast of Kashi Go Lean Crisp, toasted berry crumble...I love it with a few pecans pieces sprinkled over and milk. yummy! We plan to take our son's gf out for lunch since we missed her birthday.

My weight is continuing to fall a few ounces at a time. My inner child is beginning to adjust to not being able to eat in the evenings I think. I still got hungry last night but managed even while alone so that's another NSV. When I feel hungry I tell myself, no I don't eat in the evenings.

Here are yesterdays stats.
Cals - 1107
Carbs - 101
Fat - 50 (little high)
Fiber - 23
Sodium - 1180

I think koshka and goodlife are new? Welcome! If I've already welcomed you, you now have a double welcome! It's always good to have new people join us.

Karen31, goodlife, Jess, all in cold areas....I hope you can keep warm, hopefully it will soon be over.
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