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Ruth, Thank you! Right back atcha! (I looked at your pretty picture, too). We clean up pretty good, don't we? LOL

A pound lost is a pound lost. Good for you. I never heard of a tooth being reabsorbed. Good luck with that. This is really strange, but I have a bottom tooth in the front that is a little lose. Not noticeable, but I can wiggle it with my finger. Recently, I noticed that it has tightened up to almost normal. I'm wondering if it's from all the leafy green veggies I've been eating lately. The tooth isn't bad, but I didn't want to lose it because being a front tooth I would have to get an implant...$$$$$. Not cheap! It would be really nice if it tightened up back to normal!

Rennie - You have done so well! I think I would love the cauliflower rice but DH isn't big on rice so we don't eat very much of it. I put a bit in stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage, but not enough to worry about carbs. For me, I could eat rice every day, even if it was made from cauliflower. I am cooking a pot roast in the pressure cooker today. With that storm coming in, it's good roast weather. I will put some carrots in with it and make mashed potatoes for DH. Some other vegetable too, but I haven't decided yet. Wish I had some turnips and parsnips.

Sometimes, with a craving for sweets, that first bite is all you really need.

Trish, glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. Laughter IS the best medicine! They say that people who laugh live longer.

As long as you are AWARE of the carbs you are eating and keeping track of them, you will be fine. You are doing very well.

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