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Originally Posted by alaskanlaughter View Post
it's been a rough day physically and emotionally....lots of drama....horrible throat problems that are slowly clearing up....didn't eat very much today either and I can tell i'm dehydrated also....and tonight we got some bad family news
I'm so sorry about your family news. Sending you strength and a hug to get through this.

Have you tried a little bit of honey to help soothe your throat? I hope you feel better soon! We had that running through our house a month ago- we were all coughing, sneezing, and complaining of dry and raw throats. I drink apple cider vinegar twice a day in some water with Stevia, and for some reason, I was the first to recover, much faster than everyone else- and that was the only thing I did differently from everyone else. We also took zinc lozenges. Please take good care of yourself, drink lots of water- for me, the colder the better, when my throat hurts.

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