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Started IP 5 weeks ago (Jan. 23) but am not sure where to update here? Regardless, just wanted to say that "So far, So good". This isn't always easy, but it's definitely not as bad as I initially thought it would be. I have finally started to find my "groove" a bit. Started out at 178.4 - today the scale read 159.5 - so a loss of 19 lbs. at this point. Not too shabby considering my age (52 in a few weeks) and height (5'6"). I really haven't cheated much, if any. The few areas where I may have fudged a bit are having takeout chinese food a few times - but it was strictly all steamed veggies: broccoli, mushrooms, bell pepper & snow peas, with mixed steamed shrimp & chicken - and no rice ;-) That got me through a few very hectic moments when hunger was really pushing me. I've also started switching out some of the Ideal Protein Vanilla RTD shakes with EAS Advantage Carb control ones., since the IP ones are so expensive and our local commissary sells EAS for $3.85/4 pak. And.... I've discovered a cure for my afternoon slump/hunger pangs. One of those shakes mixed into 2 shots of espresso from Starbucks ($2.) and poured into the trente sized cup I purchased over ice. DEFINITELY gets me through until dinnertime - and now my local Starbucks barristas all know me as the "crazy diet shake lady"! Anyway... just wanted to tell all of you who are a few weeks behind me to hang in there - this is NOT impossible and once you slowly start seeing physical results, you will be even MORE motivated to stick with it. I don't notice a huge difference when I look at myself (hubbie claims he does, tho), but I am starting to see a thinner face (hallelujah!) and my lower belly fat "ledge" is definitely starting to recede (thank you, Jesus!). My coach says that by the end of 8 weeks, the loss will be much more noticeable to myself & others. I went and found some old photos of me WAY back in the day weighing in at my goal weight, and have them posted near my scale, where I can look at them for encouragement when I need it. So, like I said, everyone keep hanging in there!
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