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Good morning ladies,

Welcome to March - it's cold outside - going to get REALLY cold tomorrow so I certainly hope that Ms. March will come in strong and ease on outta here gently in 31 days. We are fortunate to escape the storm that will be pelting those of you south of us. We'll get strong cold but thankfully not much in the way of snow. Be careful out there.

Thanks for setting up the new thread Susie. We generally put a link in the last post of the old one so people can click over in case they can't find us otherwise. One thing we have stayed consistent with is that our thread titles always contain the word Worldlies in it somewhere. You're lucky Susie set up the thread - I was going to pick a title somewhere along the lines of "Worldlies are TIRED and cold and wishing for spring". Except that would not be fair to poor Shad who no doubt is noticing the days getting shorter on her side of the equator.

Worked the store yesterday - quiet at first but we did have a few people come in and buy some stuff. It was quiet the last hour so I counted up my drawer and filled out my closing forms and was all balanced at 3:45. (We close at 4pm in the winter). Just as it always happens, someone walks in at 3:50, followed by another at 3:55. The 3:55 asked me when we closed and I said 5 minutes so she said she would be brief. The 3:50 person walked out without buying anything. 355 said she was looking for a specific book a friend said she donated to the store so I helped her look for it. We didn't find it but had a nice conversation as she is a massage therapist and yoga instructor. She did find 2 books she wanted and brought them to the register (it was now 4:10). I was about to ring her up when in walks a man who had purchased a toaster over earlier. He said it was missing a drip pan that pretty much made the oven useless. While we have a policy that all sales are final, sometimes you have to allot for things. I had to agree with him except I dreaded the refund. We have a donated cash register that is fine ringing straight sales but it does not register returns properly on the day's closing ring out. I gave him his money back, took the 355's money and hurried and locked the door. It's less hassle for me if I can get the bank deposit to the bank before they close at 4:30. Because of the sale and return, I had to recount my drawer. I could have wing'd it but I don't like to do that. DH had pulled up to get me, it's 4:22 and I am furiously counting. Of COURSE my register tally was out of sync by the $10 return. I had to write extra notes on the closing papers. Got to the bank at 4:28. *whew* DH and I decided to go out for Mexican food - we generally go to dinner on Friday nights. We really like this restaurant and I had read an article earlier in the week - if you don't know what to order at a Mexican restaurant, order pork because they slow cook it and it's generally flavorful and tender. I have to admit I can count on one hand all the times I've eaten pork at a Mexican place. DH got the combo fajitas (steak/chicken/shrimp) so we were well represented protein wise I got slow cooked pork tacos. They were ok, tender but a bit dry as it was white meat. I tasted a piece of DH's steak and man oh maneschvitz, I sure did wish I had stuck with my instinct and got that instead. But no, I have to try something different. Anyway we had a nice dinner, I had 2 small tacos with flour tortillas and some rice and beans and I was stuffed to the gills. Came home and watched some concerts I had previously recorded. Today I plan on doing a lot of housework.

Michelle - I think yoga would be an excellent addition to your workout routine, even if you do a DVD at home. The yoga teacher yesterday was talking about how it is good for stability and balance improvement besides the calming factors. I'm glad you were able to make arrangements for the water aerobics class too. Even if you run behind, you can at least do laps in the pool or water walking which will help your back. I know what you mean about fighting the urge that "I'm tired" and skip the gym. I say I'll just do 30 minutes and usually once I get going I'm good to go. If it's really bad, at least I got the 30 minutes in. Thanks for the thread title suggestions.

Susie - thanks for setting up the new thread. I like your new avatar! Ugh on the approaching storm. I hope it's not as bad as they are making it out to be. Have fun playing with the kids - good alternative plans for working DH's sleep schedule.

Terra - keep up that walking kiddo!

Ceejay - I hope you don't get too much of a mess down your way with the weather. As for the bedding, I remember seeing a picture where they painted the room a very neutral beige and then used accessories of navy blue and white to accent the room. It really popped the beige and I was impressed with how pretty it looked. Who'd a thought???

Laura - it sounds like you had a much bigger variety of classes at the park district. Didn't you join DH's gym last year or am I confused? How long is your walk from the downtown train station to the office each day?

Shad - DH asked me this morning when you first came to visit us. Didn't say why, just asking. So I looked it up. 2003. That was a long time ago I hope you walk slower now - I still remember trying to keep up with you two at the gardens. Hope work doesn't have you running in circles.

Annie - how are things going for you?

Wanted to ask those of you who were sidelined with the flu - how did it come about? I have been feeling the last few days like I have schmutz in my lungs. I am doing light coughing - just to clear the chest out. Feels like a bit of heaviness in the chest but my nose is not running. Last night I went to bed with the most brutal headache. It feels like I might be coming down with something but just teetering on the edge. I can't recall being around anyone who was really sick either but you never know what you touched that some Typhoid Mary might have slobbered on just before you got there. So those who got sick, did it come on gradually or suddenly? I don't have time to be sick. In fact the way my chest feels reminded me of how I used to feel ALL THE TIME when I was smoking. Geez I am so glad to be rid of that awful habit.

I guess it's enough babbling. I still have to figure out something to bring to the pot luck on Monday for the Humane Society event. Give me something to ponder while I'm mopping the floor. Have a good weekend all.
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