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Good Hola, All....

I'm part Rose... and I like the description on the BrainFall quiz better than the one you gave, Bobbi! "You are part Rose. There is an innocence about you that others find appealing and endearing. You never judge anyone and never listen to gossip. Your life is based on truth and values and you naturally believe everyone else wants to live the same. There have been times when your heart was too trusting, but you never let these moments change your beliefs. You are the one everyone wishes they could be!" and I'm part Sophia: "You are part Sophia. Wit and quick comebacks are two of your strengths. You think on your feet and sometimes can shock people with your truthful insights. Yes, you can be very honest with people, but this does not mean you do not care about their feelings. It is quite the opposite- you care very much about the people close to you and try to shield them from pain. You may be outspoken, but nobody could ask for a better friend!"

BTW, since no one commented on my post a couple of days ago, I'll say it again: I HAVE LOST 11# SINCE THE FIRST OF THE YEAR!

Have a lovely weekend, all!

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