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Carol Sue, I am like you when I want something I want it. I am learning that if I want something sweet I need to get something sweet. I love beef also. However I don't cook steak because it doesn't come out tender enough. I make a roast every now and then and the family loves it. I mainly like the veggies that I put in it and don't want to go back to binging on potatoes The shakes are easier on the go, not very satisfying for breakfast when I'm at home. But again for dinner on the go they work. I eat all meats. It's just whatever I have and I feel like preparing

Ruth a pound is still good I loss 2.2lbs ... I could have done better had I been more focused. I think we can all eat pasta and rice as long as we actually measure/weigh it, unless you are like me and have little control. But the Shirataki spaghetti I found did satisfy me and it is low carb. Still haven't tried the mock rice from cauliflower ... I want someone else to make it and I taste if first

Trish, I think you asked me ... I do buy the Atkins shakes but I typically mix them with a scoop of protein powder to make them more filling. When I make a regular protein shake I add peaches and some times spinach.

I am down .6 to 165.6 ... this is .6 away from my low of 165 on 9/24/10. I am happy about that. fbs was 134 this morning, I think because I woke up to go to the bathroom and my son had fried some chicken breast nuggets and I ate 3 ... so good

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