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Good Morning girls and welcome Waterbunny! You got a shorter name we can use? Where do you live? Sounds like the North where we have lots of snow.

Nothing going on here today, we're on the look out for some hay for the deer. We're out, all the seed houses are out and the deer are hungry. We had 9 deer eating our bird seeds yesterday and one fawn was trying to look in our windows for more food. I'm feeling sorry for them.

Have a skinny week-end.

LIana and you're Blanche, YIKES. I just went back to Face Book and see another quiz on which Golden Girl you are. I took that test and I'm Blanche too. But I don't agree, I'm not the jealous type like Blanche is. This is the description of her: Blanche Deveriaux You're vain and very licentious. You love to spend money and your jealous of others sometimes.


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