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I am up early this morning. I didn't get much personal computer time this week, so I am trying to check and clean out my email and some other things.

We are going to get slammed with winter weather tomorrow. They say it will start for us around 3 p.m. and go all through Monday with maybe 12 inches of snow. UGH!

I have a 5 lb loss to report at my Thursday weigh-in at TOPS. I was pretty excited! I know having the flu was part of it, but I'll take it and use it as a spring board.

DH has his sleep study tonight. I will be staying at my brothers so that when it's time to go get DH in the AM, I only have a short drive. I'm looking forward to playing with my nephews. They are 4 and 3 and pretty excited that "Aunt Susie" is spending the night. I bet I don't get much sleep!

I will be back later today sometime (or at least I plan to) to do personals. I must get to some other things before my self-imposed 1 hr limit to emails and posting is up.
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