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I think that 'low carb' can help almost anyone. I put that in quotes because veggies are essential and loved by me. And I have dairy and some legumes. I personally find the evidence compelling humans aren't designed to eat grains but everyone needs to decide and figure out for themselves.

But I think low carb is virtually essential if someone is insulin resistant to some degree. I asked Professor Tim Noakes what happens to excess carbs. The standard line is they don't become fat but people do admit with insulin around everything else becomes fat and you never burn your fat.

His response '@ProfTimNoakes: Key is what happens in liver. Insulin resistant turn excess glucose into liver/blood trigs (fat) each time carbs are eaten.'

My wife and my blood work our triglycerides plummeted which is exactly what he predicted, we rarely get hungry anymore because no blood sugar spikes, and belly fat melting away.

Bottomline for me, 'low carb' has given me my health, vitality, energy, and body back And I am also wonderfully free of hunger now. That is why I am low carb.

And the grain free part got rid of my allergies, no more Claritin, and back pain. I urge everyone to at least research going grain free and grain free and allergies. Heart disease and cancer both linked to inflammation. Which eating grains, I believe for me, causes.

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