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Carefully choosing my carbs and limiting them in general is part of my current recipe for success. I limit my grains to a few heaping tablespoons of brown (well, now black) rice. Haven't had any lentils lately, but would have to do the same with that. Haven't had bread (except for an off-plan day) and won't even eat whole grain bread as part of my usual diet. I don't eat potatoes either. I do eat 2 squares of dark chocolate a day, so there is some sugar in there, but that is at the end of a meal that includes healthy fats, protein, and lots of veggie fiber.

Unfortunately, in my case eating like that is not enough to solve my weight management issues, so I combine it with IF (only eat between 6PM and 8:30). I also have other eating rules thrown in (start with low nutrient density foods, like raw veggies or brothy soup). It's working for me, and I'm a lot happier with this approach than I was with calorie counting (even with careful carb control).
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