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Default Hi! Newbie, about to start….. I think….

Hi Everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jana B and I just turned 54 years old. Here's some info on me, I hope I don't ramble too long and bore everyone to tears.


I'm a type 2 diabetic with my blood sugar (mostly) controlled. I want those numbers to be out of, and stay out of, the diabetic range.

I need to improve my cholesterol levels and my physical fitness, this includes endurance & strength as well as burning fat and toning up. Gaining muscle. (I measured about 48% fat….eeks) I've worked desk jobs and have been sedentary most of my adult life, that needs to change. Too bad I didn't see that before it effected my health.

I'm guessing I need to lose approx. 40-45 lbs. My metabolism is in the toilet and I don't lose weight easily. (my RMR is 1160) I will work out. I don't want a lot of my weight loss to be from water, muscle or bone. I want to burn off this fat!

With all that said, I try to be less concerned with the number on the scale, (as it is only one indicator) but it's what everyone always uses to measure success, me included. I try to keep an overall perspective on "health" and not just weight though. I try to celebrate the non-scale victories. (Like taking 2 new classes at the gym yesterday!)

I had a couple friends doing Medifast with terrific results, that piqued my curiosity. I kept hearing the food wasn't very good though and I didn't think I could stick to something that I had to try to choke down. During my research I found Wonderslim. The general impression is that the food is much better (at least most of it). I know it's a few hundred calories more than Medifast but with my plans to workout, that's probably a good thing.

I'm a vegetarian and I am a very picky one at that. I like to eat real food (as in natural…without chemical additives) I like organic products. As much as I dislike that all these diet products have artificial sweeteners, etc. I am being lured in by the consistent weight loss that is being touted and the simplicity and relatively mindlessness of following the plan.

What I am hoping to do is to get some initial weight off using this plan, then occasionally swapping out some Wonderslim foods for low calorie, healthy "real" food to see if I can have success combining both…..Eventually I want to get to where it's all (or mostly all) real healthy foods.

One of my biggest downfalls is that my son works for a great locally owned healthy foods grocery store. They have a "Hot Food Bar" with healthy foods (usually not low calorie though) They make a lot of their own foods, and bring in foods from local vendors, one being a bakery that makes THE most amazing carrot cake I've ever tasted. (It's like crack...I think I am addicted to it) I tried to get a calorie count, but it's a small bakery and they don't have that information. Anyway, the foods and desserts are amazing and we eat from there a lot. He also brings home things that are hard to resist (I will have to have a serious talk with him about keeping that stuff out of my line of sight!!)

Anyway, I am hoping to get inspiration and motivation from this sight, and hopefully be able to contribute information that will be of help to others eventually.

Until then, any advice, food preferences, mixing real foods with Wonderslim foods or just general information on the company/products/success stories would be greatly appreciated!

If you've stuck with this rambling post the whole way through, thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!
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