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Hi Michelle - Good for you getting to the gym! And a double bravo for doing it when you didn't feel like it and you even had to wait for a parking space!! BF and I have not been going at all lately - I think we've each gone only one time in the past month. If I don't get into a routine where I'm going regularly, I'm probably going to go back to just doing classes at the park district. There are many good classes and decent instructors at our current gym, but I have an issue with the setup of the room the classes are held in. I also think many of the other students are just kind of casual about the classes...I know that shouldn't bug me, but for some reason it does in a "you're a waste of space" kind of way, lol. Terrible me. :blush: And I suppose now I'm the casual student since I haven't gotten into a groove since joining this gym...Who's the waste of space now?? Love, love, love those graphics you posted! Very cute and my sentiments precisely!

Happy - Keep at it with the yoga - I'm sure you'll benefit more as you go along. Re our fitness facility's conversion - they are expanding it to include a space for fitness classes, and other activities and programs...I think the convenience factor will help, but it still seems rather small in size to get the money they want for monthly dues. I guess they've done their homework on this, but I'll be curious to see the end product. Have a good shift at the store today. Awww, so cute seeing people show off their fur babies.
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