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Morning all,

Went to yoga yesterday. Good stretches - still not easy and I need to modify some poses (wish the instructor would help but I will get in early next week and talk to her). But Michelle - like you said - don't feel like doing things but keep pushing to get it done - that's what matters and afterwards we are glad for the effort. I was a bit stiff and achey this morning - hoping a hot shower before I leave the house will unkink the last of it.

Michelle - thanks for the Friday graphics - I'm sure Mel appreciated them too - that and the "soaking blokes" - how I love that phrase! Also thanks for the thread suggestions. I am glad to see March come because I am desperately looking for spring but as always surprised at how fast the days are flying by. Good for you for hitting the gym. Sounds like your doctor is very similar to mine - isn't it great to find someone like that? I hope your numbers improve now that you are settled in.

Laura - would have to agree with you about the fitness center at work. If you like sweaty workouts - hard to get them in and get fixed back up in time to get back to the desk over a lunch hour. So more for the casual user. Wonder if they will be successful with a monthly fee facility? You reminded me that I was SUPPOSED to start the push up challenge. Ooops. I'm sorry your coat got hijacked. Geez by the time you get it back you won't need it as much as you would now. Just bad timing I guess.

Terra - so did you get the walk in or give in to the sleepies?

Ceejay - I hope you got your alarm battery all settled - how frustrating.

Shad - loved your pictures. The middle one looking out of the cave over the water reminded me that we have some sea caves up this way on Lake Superior. You can hike a mile on the ice to see them in the winter not for me or you I think - or you can get a paddle boat and paddle into them in the summer. You might like that. Sorry work is crazy - thanks for letting us know ahead of time so we don't worry. Check in when you can!

Susie - I hope you are feeling better and stronger today. I have heard that the flu this year has been devastating and really knocked the stuffing out of anyone unlucky enough to come in contact with it. Ugh. Especially when you have so many other things going on in your life.

Annie - hope you are doing ok. Are you helping Sissy get the nursery ready for Ace? If nothing else, you will have some time to help her out which I'm sure will be much appreciated

Ok, gotta get ready for my shift at the store today. Yesterday a man came in and we started talking - he takes in rescued abused Italian Greyhound dogs - they are much smaller than the standard racing greyhound. Very cute. He brought out not one but TWO phones and showed me lots of pictures. Talk about loving the fur babies! Have a good weekend all...
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