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Happy Friday ladies!

TGIF for sure! I don't have a lot of set plans for the weekend, a bit of relaxing, a bit of going to the gym, a bit of writing, hopefully a trip or two to the dog park but that will depend on the weather.

I went to the gym last night and did 1/2 hour on the recumbent bike. I really didn't want to go as I felt so tired after work, and then when the parking lot was packed and I had to wait for someone to leave to get a parking space, I almost gave up. I'm glad I went though. My muscles are just the slightest bit sore today. It's not a bad sore though, they're just reminding me that I used them.

If I can get out of work early enough tonight, I might go to the Water Aerobics class at the gym. If not, then I'll do the recumbent bike. Tomorrow, I've got to get up early and get some fasting blood work done so my new doctor can have current numbers for my cholesterol, thyroid, fasting glucose and HA1C. I really like my new doctor. She seems very willing to work with me to get me fit and healthy.


Happy - I forgot to mention that was such a cute photo of your kitty. An air temp of -15?! What are the movements to reset your inner ear crystals?

Laura - Sorry about all the hassles with your coat. I hope you're able to find something to keep you warm enough. It would be wonderful if the mid-west could ship their snow our way. Hopefully the rain we're getting on and off this weekend is adding to the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as the snow melt filling our reservoirs is what CA relies upon for water in the spring/summer/fall. Great job on the pushup challenge. Good idea to make use of the fitness center before the price raises. My work has shower facilities because a lot of the people go walking on the trails around here. Because my back sometimes limits how much I can walk, I haven't checked out the trails yet. Are you still going to the gym with your bf? (My CRS is acting up and I can't remember sh*t.)

Terra - How are things going with your brother and his gf all moved in? I hope you're getting your walking in.

Annie - I hope you're doing better today. It's no wonder you're feeling in limbo and that the stress has you run down. Sending you lots of hugs, sista. Happy is right, you have to get better so you can kiss BOTH your grandsons. Susie is right about creating a Linked In profile and then looking up your former managers and co-workers who can provide you with testimonials/recommendations via LinkedIn. Also a good idea Susie had about getting formal letters of recommendations and make sure you get the personal contact info of any people you want to use as a reference. I know it's super stressful on top of all the other stress going on in your life. Hang in there, sista, it will get better.

Ceejay - Good for you for all the decluttering!! Glad your friend has other lodging arrangements for this trip back to town. Even with my computer skills, I can still get myself into a peck of trouble.

Susie - I hate the stomach flu. I'm glad you're feeling better today. You're a trooper for working from home when you felt so lousy. What a great idea about getting written formal letters of recommendation and adding them to your profile in Monster! That's something I never thought of.

Shad - Thanks for all the beautiful warm photos! Even the one of the sunny, snowy wedding was lovely. Sorry to hear about your new neighbors. My upstairs neighbors in WI were the sweetest people, but they were loud. The Outside of the Governor's house is quite impressive, please take photos if you're allowed.

Gotta get back to code checking!

Much love and happy weekend to all,

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