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I'm trying not to get excited, because I haven't ruled out placebo (and I don't want wishful thinking to trigger or magnify placebo effects).

The effects seem to be much less dramatic now that pms/tom is over. I expected that, because at this time in my cycle my hunger/appetite is always at its lowest and my willpower at its strongest. There's less room for improvement.

I have experienced a few bouts of mild nausea, and it may have been from waiting too long to eat. The supplement does seem to mess with my ability to assess my blood sugar levels. The symptoms of low-blood sugar are a little different, so it's like relearning a new set.

My plan, at this point, is to 1. continue daily use for a few months, and then for a few month I'll try only 2. using only when I need the help, such as pms/tom week and family gatherings. Then I'll repeat experiments 1 & 2 a couple times.

It could easily take me a year or more to evaluate side effects; decide whether the effects are real and cost-effective; and how/whether to use it.

If I had to make a decision today, with only my experience so far (and if I had to buy the product and hadn't been given a 5 month supply by MIL) I would probably choose to only take it during pms/tom.

Although, if I had had to buy the product myself, I would never have tried it at all.
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