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Good morning gals. It is cold here again this morning. I think it is supposed to maybe hit 40 today though. They are calling for a lot of rain over the weekend, which is per usual when we commissary shop to get stuck in a rain storm.

Been working a lot on the wrap and the colorway is great. I am supposed to get my clothing today so we shall see how it goes with the dress. I did order a couple more pairs of sandals, one in a silver glitter to wear with the purple dress, a black and white striped handbag and a pair of sunglasses for the trip. Hopefully, I am set now for vacation. I need to take Jack to go and get a new pair of New Balance. He has been wanting a new pair for about a year now. He takes the ones he is wearing and uses them to go back and forth to work, throws the old ones out and then wears the new ones everywhere else. I think the current ones he is wearing are about 3 years old. This brand wears so great that it is the only running shoe brand he buys even though he can't run anymore.

Jean: I saw yesterday Disney just raised their one day ticket prices to right around $100. They try to get people to buy multiple day tickets by giving them a "break on the price" but frankly it is still ridiculously expensive IMO. I doubt we ever go there now unless we can get tickets from the military that are a lot cheapers someday. How the heck can a family go on vacation there? They say the parks are jammed all the time so I wonder how much debt families go into to take their kids to Disney. One of Kelly's friends takes their two kids once a year. If you figure a 3 day ticket is $180 apiece, and let's say they drive from Indiana, which they usually do I think. Just the tickets are over $700 then there is eating in the park, hotels to and from and while you are down there, gas, souvenirs or whatnot, you could easily spend thousands for one trip and I know they go for a week. YIKES!

Susan: Hope you and your foot are coming along. I know you have said you don't make quilts for people, but when you show your quilts do you put them for sale at quilt shows??? Hopefully, spring is just around the corner. They are talking about us getting snow showers next Thursday, which is my dr appt day, ugh!

Maggie: Hope all is going well for you.

Well girls, need to get started on chores. Have a great day all. Faye
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