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Don't give up, even if you aren't perfectly following the plan. Do the best you can to stay focused until you get a breather. Then see if you can create a plan for the next time you get this particular curve ball, ie how to feed the kids when hubs is away, or how/what to eat in those fast food places. Don't beat yourself up for not being perfect, just dust yourself off and go forward.

If you've awakened fast food cravings, it helps to know they'll go away once you stop eating them. Remind yourself of your goals each day--even better in writing-- and celebrate the great progress you've already made.

Mindfulness exercises help too--just taking a moment here and there throughout the day to check in with yourself, notice your breathing. Sometimes I do this when in the bathroom stall during a crazy hectic work day. It's subtle but if you practice doing it regularly, you'll notice a benefit.

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