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Talking updated good news!

Sorry I've been gone haha I've been working a lot with my infograph orders.

Updated good news!

It's been about 2-3 weeks since my last yoga work out because of my work but the past 2 days I was able to 5 sets of Surya Namaskara (aka Sun Salutation) A & B. Meaning I did each saluatation 5 times. It's only the tip of the whole routine but it's loosening my shoulders again I don't feel too stiff but at least I'm got my meditation down and I feel so energized. I'll try to get my mom to take pics of me doing it maybe I stream me doing it haha.

If you'd like to follow with me and learn the sun salutations

__________________________________________________ _______________

I wanted to share my morning breakfast! I always eat what I think I need and know if ever I get hungry I just get up again and eat again. That's another well deserved break and happy food time!

Your a breakfast is probably different from what I eat but this is scrambled egg with 1 medium ampalaya (aka bitter -melon) super del-ish!

I started cooking for myself about a week ago and learned how to make pancakes. As for the egg that's a red bell pepper/onion/garlic and cheese omelette.

Oh the Red Stuff is my latest addiction. Homemade Kimchi from my friend Jiji. The taste is sooooooo heavenly!

Totally worth trying!

Also a quick pic of my morning power drink 1/2 sachet kopiko, 1/3 milk, hot water, 1 tbs extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tbs honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I'm interested in what you guys eat. I'm always up for new flavors and recipes.

Till next post,
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