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Good Morning! The sun is shining but it's a jacket morning. We are whale watching this morning and luau tonight; I got my days mixed up on the luau. Heck, I have trouble remembering what day it is.

"Gma" -- I am surprised at the number of small babies and toddlers that are over here. I wouldn't think it would be relaxing for the parents and there are lots of things to do, but most wouldn't interest the little ones. I woke up last night and couldn't get back to sleep. I hated to get up and roam around the condo, which isn't big by any means, but was sure tempted. I hate nights like that! There have been two cruise ships here, just for a day, which wouldn't give passengers time to do much except shop. September will be here before you know it!

I need to finish doing my hair although if it's windy out on the water, no one would know. Hope you all have a great day today!

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