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Good morning to you ladies. It is cold here this morning, low 30's but the sun is shining, which is great. I sure hope in the next couple weeks we start showing some nice spring temps.

Had one of those nights last night where I didn't sleep so am dragging this morning. I have a load of clothes in dryer, but that's about it for me. I sat here and paid bills but how hard is that?

Jean: We leave on Sept 21st for our next cruise. Hopefully no problems with weather since we are smack dab in the middle of hurricane season when we go. It is the cheapest time and not as hot as summer months though still can be in 90's. Kids are back in school so there usually isn't a ton of kids on board either. We got a balcony this time so we shall see how we like that. The ship has 6000+ passengers so this should be interesting also about double what the other ship had. They have a production of the broadway show Chicago which Jack is anxious to see. Hope your weather is holding up nicely though I saw you had some rain.

Everyone have a good day today. Faye
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