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Time for Change!
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BTW- to pattience- I re-read ur post. talking about cigarettes.. n wanting to commit suicide and such. Ive been on the on again off again suicide thing for a long time, and I kept putting stopping smoking off "until things calmed down". I lock myself in my bedroom and chain smoke to calm my nerves until "this passes". but then, a few days ago i took my daddy to the hospital for some tests, and he couldn't breath. he has smoked for more than 50 years. I have smoked for about 25. When I saw him- my daddy- gasping for air and being SO weak, i made a decision. I asked my husband to help me quit. so... along with my fluff, im trying to stop smoking. I was just thinking- i have trouble taking my dog for a run because I can't breathe. I stop during my workouts because I cant breathe. There are a lot of things I don't do, even though I am so health conscious, because I cant breathe.I have a five year old daughter.. seven kids ages 22 to five.. But u brought something to my attention. here i sit worrying about my weight more than the fact that I can't breathe. So tomorrow when the stores open, im going to try breathing. Maybe that is my first step? being able to breathe so I CAN work out that I can enjoy my kids. Take them to the park, the lake, go play frisbee and catch.. maybe that is my first step?
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