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thank you so much to electro and pattience!! for once I feel like someone understands what I am talking about! I have been inpatient and outpatient DBT, and although I understand what i am SUPPOSED to do, and how I am SUPPOSED to react, I am rarely able to manage my actions/reactions. I'm worried. I have another med evaluation monday, March 3rd, and i just know this quack (they sent me back to that same old doc instead of the new one I was supposed to have)is going to ask me what meds I want.. really? do I look like a doc? (starting to think so).I asked about natural remedies/ vitamins and supps... but he is unwilling to even check into anything. Maybe I should ask for adderall. I also have add. at least adderall will help me lose this extra fluff! (OMG I am getting that desperate!!) In the mean time, I am married to a full fledged alcoholic whom I love very much. BUT- he likes the red wine as much or more than I do. (yes i have talked to him) It makes it very hard NOT to have a glass or two when he is drinking it. everything else I can do without- the sweets and breads and danishes... im okay with all of that.. but the wine is my downfall. I break nearly every night. just one or two glasses, but still. And to complicate matters, I sleepwalk. n I don't just walk around, either. I get up, cook full meals sometimes, clean everything up, and go back to bed. I don't ever even remember it. My hubby wakes up to cold eggs and sausage 2-3 days a week. (omg im so messed up)
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