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Originally Posted by jasmine354 View Post
Hello all!

This is my 14th day on IP (switched to alternatives for my second week) and I am down 8.8lbs! This is great but the only thing is that I feel lethargic. My legs feel very heavy when going up the stairs and I can just about do my housework. I am not tiered but like I said my body feels heavy and achy. Is this normal for 14 days in? I've felt like this for about 3 days now and have otherwise felt pretty energetic up to this point. People on this forum talk about doing mild exercises and I couldn't even imagine, I think I would faint. Anyway, thanks for your comments...
PS I am supposed to have my WI tomorrow and I am not too sure how to tell my coach that I have decided to switch to alternatives. I had two major unexpected expenses last week and sort of had no choice to make the switch. Should I even go to my WI?
Can you post a couple sample. Menus for the day... Are you eating/drinking EVERYTHING on the P1 sheet, getting salt, oil, water AND supplements as required? What meat choices are you making?

And what is your daily activity level. You mentioned cleaning house which depending on how long you clean, what you are doing, intensity level, etc. could qualify as light exercise already and may mean you need an extra packet.

I agree the restricted carbs may help, and you may want to split protein for lunch and dinner.

Give us a little more info and perhaps someone might see something that could help.

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