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Sum, I think not being able to see yourself objectively is the norm! For me, there were lots of times (and even still now) that I could only see fat. What I do then is look at my clothes sizes - so much smaller! - and reread some of my previous entries in my journal to remind myself of where I started and how far I've come. You've made great progress and your mind will catch up!

And speaking of weight goals, I wanted to say that I picked mine of 128 arbitrarily - it seemed like an attainable number, though one that I hadn't seen in 20 years so I really didn't know if I could ever reach it. But my real goal was to eat and live in a comfortable and sustainable way and let my weight settle out where it would, which for now looks like 116 - who knew? Anyway, I hope you can be as proud of yourself for what you've done as we all are of you and just keep being good to yourself! That goes for everyone here on 3FCs.

Thanks for asking about my mom. She is doing okay, relatively speaking. She's over the flu and pneumonia but has some digestive upset that's making it hard for her to maintain or gain weight (and she needs to!) and now has a case of shingles just to add to the fun! Good thing she's such an upbeat lady.

Zumba, hope the 21 day fix keeps helping you feel good!

Marlene, your ranch trip sounds awesome!
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