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Hi All,

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I am currently staying with my partner while i have a week's work up here and so far (4 days) binge free. Its not even because i haven't had the opportunity, I really haven't thought about it or wanted to. I don't know whats caused it, but long may it continue.

Cyn: with regards to intimate time, I've noticed my behaviour change towards him as I've put the weight back on (he's known me 10 years. at my biggest and smallest). But now I think i am projecting my insecurities on to him, feeling slighted at the stupidest things and picking fights. Poor sod probably doesn't know whats hit him, he can't do right for doing wrong. But I am really struggling and i don't think its his fault at all.

We aren't 'lights off' people, or even 'wear pajamas often' type people, so staying hidden means a change in routine, or covering up would invite more questions that I'm just not ready to answer. And don't even start me with paranoia around 'being on top' (sorry :$)

Sorry, venting again
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