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I had my physical for my volunteer position; they had to give me a flu shot (my very first ever) and take some blood for a TB test. The blood part was a disaster. They finally succeeded after 3 tries and I am such a baby what comes to bloodwork. I started feeling fainty. I did not enjoy that part of my volunteer process!

I kinda pigged out last night, I OD'ed on coleslaw and turkey sticks Strange binge, I know, but that is what I had at the house....Surprisingly my weight stayed the same, makes me wonder if I had not binged, I would have had whoosh?? -- I never made it to the gym I MUST drag my butt over there today and get back into working out. I was so addicted to my workouts before my Colorado trip, and now I feel more lax about them...gotta get back!

I did not log my food either

So today's goal is to get back on track what comes to logging my food and exercising. Otherwise it could be a slippery slope.... I have come way too far to fail now.
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