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Hey all, I base my weight loss on the lowest number of the scale [matter is neither created nor destroyed but transferred from one energy state to another] so I know a loss is a real loss, but a gain can be from anything.

well, I get so excited when I see a new low. today's was 210.0

something interesting about it..three days ago I weighed 215.8. Then the next day I woke up at 212.8, the next day woke up at 213.0 I went about my normal business but was exhausted and took a long nap...woke up from the nap and just felt different...211.6? I lost a pound during the day? I ate dinner and went to bed...and woke up at 210 today.

so happy dance. I may make my goal to see 209 by the end of February. If not, I will keep keeping on.
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