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Default Food Addicts Anonymous Meal plan anyone


I was going to put this in the OA thread, but it doesn't look as busy and would like some input.
I am just early stages on trying out the overeaters anonymous spiritual program. I have a sponsor and we've done 3 steps going on 4 but so far no light bulb has turned on and am still stuffing my face...Anyways on to more pressing questions, I needed to find out how best to eat for my binge eating/overeating since childhood history...I thought the food addicts anonymous plan would work best as I feel addicted to certain foods more than others but it feels so restrictive to me, measuring, checking for hidden sugars, writing what I eat, I wanted to be away from that obsession with food this way I feel it will be 24/7 food thoughts...
A couple other issues I came up with are no cheese at all, like ever? cheese strings and almonds were a go to snack for me.aside from that....potatoes are allowed but french fries are my number 1 binge food when I go to the drive how do i really know what the problematic part of the food is.........How do you make stirfrys tasty if i cant even use some schriacha sauce.etc. Also another huge issue is 3 straight meals no snacks...they say you can separate the meals but that feels like it will not be enough food..
These are a couple things, but my main problem is it seems to conflict with binge eating therapy i did a few years ago that encourages to eat every 3 hours and no removal of food groups..This plan just feels like I will be measuring,reading labels,looking for alternatives all day long.....
anyone on this plan and any thoughts at all? Maybe once time goes on it becomes second nature?

Thanks for reading.

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