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Hey all, I haven't posted in a while but I have checked in now and then in the monthly over eating thread mainly as I find it helpful. I've been doing okay, and in the past month have made physical and what felt like emotional progress with binge eating but since 7am this morning I've contributed to what is one of my worst binges ever and I feel horrible. My family is probably suspicious as to where the rest of a club sized box of cereal and gallon of whole milk is and my debit card statement for today I'm afraid to even look at. I skipped class and left a take home exam in a professor's mailbox(without asking) as I felt too sick and embarrassed to go to my night class. I probably won't get credit for it, but I couldn't bare show my face or stop eating for long enough to sit still in class. I feel terrible and I'm terrified to sleep as I don't want to wake up to a stomach coated in pounds of new fat and clothes that don't fit tomorrow. I hope I'll look presentable by Wednesday when I have to go to work. Despite all this, I have identified and will no longer make excuses for what is a major self-imposed trigger for me(hopefully the last one I have to tackle), and I'm confident that this binge won't go in vein and that I will be alright in the long run starting right now. I wish you all the best of luck going forward and can't wait to hit the ground running in March.

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