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Height: 5 foot 5


SUM Maybe it is going to take you a while for your mind to catch up with your body...or maybe you just need to feel "firmer" or more toned before you feel smaller...but you are smaller and when you start trying on smaller clothes and they fit well it will hit you. I think torturing yourself to get down to 117 may not be a good thing for you but what do i know, i'm the one that is gaining weight in this challenge. I just want you to celebrate your accomplishment instead of still feeling dissatisfied.

I also have a small frame so that i don't carry extra weight well, at all....some people can......

i notice now that i have more weight on me i also have heartburn....when does it end?

Took a fall on the driveway and had a hard time getting up...if i weren't in such good shape i would probably be calling an ambulance right now....if an older heavier person took that same fall it would not have been pretty sight....

I hope everyone is having a good day..

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