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Good Morning! We had rain during the night, or so Bob said there were puddles on his walk this morning. The sun is shining and think it's going to be another nice day. We whale watch at 12:30 and hoping for better than yesterday.

"Gma" -- In general I think overall people are more rude than ever. They just don't think first and act/speak second. I know I sometimes say something before I realize how it will sound to the other person (usually Bob!). Hope the work on the extra pounds pay off. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a magic weight loss method? Good luck! You know how to do it! I'm like Jack, and don't eat strange things. . If someone explains what it is I might try poi. When is your next cruise?

I need to finish getting dressed so I'm ready to head out for breakfast wherever that might be. It's 8:02 am here. Have a great day!

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