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Well, no damage from my trip; I actually lost two pounds in 10 days.-- All those home cooked meals paid off. We only eat out a few times and I was being mindful. Our friend cooked steaks one day, and that was my highest calorie meal of the trip.

I was so tired that I slept late. I never sleep in. I missed an appointment this morning; unusual for me.

My poor husband had to be up at 4:30 and drive to Cleveland I was being a bad wife, and I did not even send him off

I am enjoying my morning tea and then I need to go to the gym; back to the grind. My 138 pounds is motivating me; all those size 6 clothes are only a few pounds away Funny though, I feel fatter than ever. All clothes are fitting looser but some how my head is not understanding/seeing that I am getting smaller. All I see are the fat lumps I have. Did this happen to anyone else whilst losing weight?

I entertained an idea a while back that I could be happy at 135 pounds, today I see that I won't. I have a feeling that 125 pounds won't make me happy either. -- I remember being 117 pounds and quite happy with my looks. So I have 20 more pounds to lose, ugh. I have a really small frame. At 172 pounds I looked huge; people probably thought that I was 200 pounds.

So I guess I will be part of 3FC's for awhile -- I could not imagine doing this without you ladies. The support is amazing! -- So even when/if () hit maint. I won't go anywhere. I think keeping the weight off will be more work than losing it.

Well off to start my day. Back to logging and exercising!
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