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Good morning to you all. It is cold here this morning and my hands are freezing. I boiled several eggs and shelled them under cold water and now I can't get my hands warm. I make a lowfat egg salad or just have one for breakfast with oatmeal and fruit or something like that. I have gained several pounds and need to get with the program for sure.

I have been working on my wrap and it is coming along, but it will take a long time to complete. I have to go back and forth between the two projects so I can get them both done before the cruise.

Jean: I always get mad at people who sit in front of you anywhere and don't consider whether or not you can see. We will go to a movie once in awhile and the theater will be practically empty and some noodleheaded guy who is over 6 ft tall will sit in front of me when he can sit anywhere. I then make Jack change places with me so I can see totally. I think it is funny that people take all these pictures that you know they won't do anything with unless they are professionals. I have digital pictures that I have yet to get prints of to put in a scrapbook and that's besides the decades of stuff I have in boxes and such. Hope you have fun at the luau on Tuesday. I will be thinking of you. Do you eat the poi?? I heard it tastes like glue.

You all have a good week. Faye
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