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Aloha! Another beautiful day although a bit warmer! We went on another whale watch; captain wasn't as good so didn't get up close and personal with any whales and didn't see as many. The naturalist, also a different one, and narrates wasn't paying attention to the back of the boat where we were. Whichever side of the boat the whale is on, the people are supposed to stay seated or crouching so the opposite side can stand. We didn't get our usual seat and some guy who had never been out kept standing up in front of me. I finally yelled "sit down" and he finally did. I was torked! To top it off two guys with big fancy cameras stayed on the boat from the first ride, and took two of our favorite seats. Did some more shopping and met another couple that are friends of our traveling friends. We are all going to the luau together on Tuesday, I think.

"Gma" -- We met a guy in the elevator who went to college in Storm Lake. Obviously, he was older so I asked him if he had been back to visit. He said he came for Homecoming a couple years ago and couldn't believe what has happened to the town. Enough said about that. Hah! This place seems to be more friendly in the elevator, halls, waiting lines, etc., and people visit with each other. Weather report from Iowa was colder and more snow.

Guess we are deciding where to eat tonight. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!
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