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Default will I get loose skin?

Hi, first I'd just like to say that I'm sure there are a million topics about loose skin so sorry for making another one but there's just so many conflicting responses out there and I wanted to put some of my personal details into the question!
So I'm 18 years old, female, 5'9" and my weight has ranged between 140-210, but usually it's been around 170-180 or so in the last couple years. I'm currently at 168 and my goal weight is 130-120, which would be a 80-90lb loss from my highest weight and would take me from bmi of 31 to 18-19. I'm planning to lose about 2lbs per week. I've always been pretty active - I ride horse and run a lot and have been since middle school. Most of the weight gain came from binge eating, which I've mostly recovered from so I now eat pretty healthy and I also drink a ton of water. I'm wondering if I will get loose skin or not??? I'm really mostly worried about my inner thighs because the skin there feels really soft and different? When I pinch it it goes out a bit farther than my other skin but it isn't wrinkly or anything like the pictures I've seen of loose skin... Also I do have a lot of stretch marks and I've read that that is an indicator of poor skin elasticity.
I know it's really dumb to worry about this but I can't help it, I just don't want to lose all this weight and still be self-conscious about my body because of loose skin! Do you think I will have loose skin? Is there any way to get rid of it without surgery if I do get it? Thanks in advance for reading this, sorry it was so long and also I hope I put this in the right spot.
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