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Morning all,

Hi Terra - enjoy your relaxing day today!

Annie - sorry you are stressing over this job thing - I hate that's the corporate world today. Just try and remember that sometimes the best things come after the darkest times (if only we could see that at the moment) and perhaps you will find another more challenging position with people who like you and respect your strong work ethic. Concentrate on the good stuff like visiting with your brother and the new baby's arrival. Work is just a place to collect enough money to pay the bills - often we focus all our energies there and forget to give to the things that really count

I am debating about staying inside and decluttering some hot spots or going outside to help DH with the snow. Boy I wish there was a way I could vaporize the stuff. Can't melt it because we have no place to put it unless we cut down trees and build a retention pond! We didn't have many deer last night - just our usual 3. They can't get through the snow - have to walk down the roads and driveways which I'm sure is unnatural to them. And with most of their natural food sources buried - they are really having a hard time. So we do what we can. We have a fox that comes around - not sure if he's scaring off the deer. He is SO skinny - his tail is wider around than his torso. He eats the deer corn and the occasional chicken bones or carcass we toss out.

And that's it for me on this sunny Sunday. Enjoy your day ladies.
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