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Good morning to you all. It was cool overnight but it is nice and sunny this morning.

I am working on the wrap the last couple days and it is coming along ok. It is a fairly easy pattern and I love the colors.

Jack had to shampoo the stairs and hall and then just inside the dining room as the girls had mud on their feet when they went in and out getting the bed and stuff. He said he procrastinated yesterday but wanted to get it done this morning early so he got it all finished. The stairs were pretty bad, but this shampooer is the first one we had that we can take apart and have a hand held shampooer so we took advantage and did a good job on the shampooing.

Jean: My great uncle married a Hawaiian and lived in Honolulu his whole life. He and aunt Mary lived at the base of diamondhead somewhere. Whenever they would come to the states to see his brother, my grandfather, he would bring the best stuff. I still have the moomoo he brought me when I was a little girl. All the girls got one and that was a lot of grandkids. He was a really cool guy and that was a long, long time ago. Jack has been to Pearl Harbor and actually his retirement flag is from the USS Arizona, but I have never been there. I am sure you are loving the warm weather. The kids came home yesterday and I imagine they weren't happy to come back to snow and cold weather.

Maggie: I am doing a chicken fried steak today, but mine cuts the calories way, way down for sure. How are the doggies and kitty doing?

Well gals, I need to get some work done so I better get it going. Have a great Sunday all. Faye
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