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Pattience, Wanttochange, just a bit of background-

I'm not on a diet. I consciously quit dieting about 15 years ago after a life of dieting. My mother put me on my first diet when I was about eight. What she didn't realize then was that no diet in the world was going to be successful if we didn't change our lives. We starved the weight off, then put it back on with cake in front of the TV, again and again. (I'm not saying this is what's going wrong with you, btw! I just realised it sounded like I might be implying that, so thought I'd better just make that clear!)

It's not a *diet* I'm sticking with, it's liking myself. (oddly difficult, isn't it?)
Jogging/running in public, jiggly as I am, eating my bleeping birthday cake(s) and thoroughly enjoy them, even though I'm "fat."
Eating salad for dinner- or nothing at all, if I'm truly not hungry, because I can have lasagna tomorrow or whenever I want, if that's what I really want.
I'm happy with losing weight- it makes everything easier, both physically and emotionally, but what I'm really trying to say is that this new "life" is one I can and will stick to forever, even if I stopped losing any weight. I feel like a person again. I find that the actual weight loss is not nearly as important as my decision to be kind to myself.

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