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I think its great that you have found a new way to relate to food and your body and the world. Wannabe is so articulate on the subject and i like that.

I myself have never not liked spinach and stuff like that. I don't eat things if i don't like them but luckily i do like them. But i love sugar and it is a problem for me. For the sugar and the weight problem, I do feel the need to let sugar go completely in order to be able to enjoy the spinach. But this intuitive eating thing, i think its brilliant for people who can make it work.

Many years ago, i read a book by a woman whose name i always forget. It was before Intuitive Eating became a thing i think - in the mid-90s although written a lot earlier than that i think. But i think she might be somewhat at the root of it all. Anyway i learned how to let go of guilt over eating too much of the wrong things and i tried her approach for a while. Mainly the lasting effect on me has been to not hate myself or feel so much guilt over my choices. Does anyone know her name. Her book was called When food is love.

But about self-acceptance. Over the years of therapy, reading, and secular buddhism, i have learned to do this. My self-acceptance is constantly challenged by life's little tribulations, especially as i get more engaged in mainstream life but i certainly have gained more self -acceptance, confidence in my choices as time goes on.

My sister on the other hand who is skinny (55 about 115pounds), seems to be somewhat conflicted about food. I think she gives herself a hard time over it but that's because she too eats a lot of sweets, more in recent years. she is horrified that she eats a cake a day. But she just exercises more to make up for it. Whatever book you guys have read I think would be good for her. Its not that i want her to get fat. But it would be nice if she could be less stressed about food. She does not seem to know self-acceptance and i wish her to have the freedom of it that i have found. I am unable to articulate it in a way that i know she'd want to listen to, so i don't try. You know she's one of these people that if you criticise her choice in anything, even if well meant and kindly said, she is totally wounded, whereas someone with more inner confidence can shrug it off.

So where did you learn about intuitive eating?
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