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Hi Everyone. We have a beautiful spring-like day here today. I'm about to go out and finish shoveling leaves and get what I can cleaned up before the cold weather and the dusting of snow comes tomorrow.

We also get our taxes done this afternoon and I really, really hope for a refund. I won't get to my housework until tomorrow.

DH got a great report at the urologist. He didn't have any microscopic blood in his urine this time. The doctor said we won't do anything about the stones unless he has issues again and he told him his prostrate was a bit enlarged but his PSA is good and he doesn't want to give him any medicine for now to shrink it. He told DH to loose some weight and that will help with the frequent urination and also that getting the c-pack machine and using it (DH goes for that study this coming Saturday) will help him to lose weight and get energy to feel like trying to lose weight.

When we get him going on the c-pack machine and he is finally not getting up continually in the night then we are going to do the ablation. We are going to give it a month on the c-pack and then call to schedule the ablation as it will be at least 6 weeks before they can do it.

Ladies: I'm going to get back on to MFP please look for me there and if I am not there, make me feel guilty. I need the push please!

Happy--10 inches of snow! OMG!!! Be careful shoveling that snow and don't flare up your knee.

Laura: Where is your conference going to be? I plan to start the push-up challenge tomorrow.

Ceejay: How is your foot feeling? I loved hearing about how you were handling your friend. Very, very well done. And you bought your twin bed! Are you going to get new bedding for it? I love getting new comforter sets. It makes the room feel "new".

Terra: I find your commitment to your walks very, very motivating. Are you seeing progress on the scale?

Annie: I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you all at work and it is very stressful to be going through reapplying for your jobs. Good for you getting your resume done and feeling good about it. I'll be praying about this for you.

Shad: I finally got to check out that link that you sent and I am so jealous that you have all the beauty right our your front door! I hope you were able to go back to sleep this morning.
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