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Originally Posted by mainecyn View Post

I knew no one that ever said they were a binge eater. Yet, I think there really has to be more of us out of there because it would be alot easier to drop weight IF we were not secretly gorging ourselves in private. I have dieted what seems like my entire life, trying to change my body into something I am not ashamed of and changing myself into a better person. Instead, I've just screwed up myself physically and emotionally.

I am on day 21 or 22? of not binge eating. Longest time in years. I don't know how it happened, why it happened, because mentally nothing has changed. I still have the negative image and the lack of willpower. I have just been trying to watch what I eat, portion size, and listen to my stomach and eat when I am hungry so I am not starving.

I am eating even more vegetables than I did (and I already ate more than normal) leafy greens, salad, baby carrots and sugar peas, spinach (chopped finely) in my homemade turkey soup...I still know I can't eat a potato I don't have the willpower for that yet.
I know somewhere on here a couple posts ago someone else was talking about bathroom issues, constipation. My Dr told me not to use "harsh" quick acting laxatives. Instead, she recommend taking an over the counter stool softener, one in the am and one in the pm every day. I have been. She also told me to begin taking a fiber supplement daily. I am using benifiber clear powder. I add two teaspoons (actually measuring teaspoons) of benifiber to a tall glass of water each morning and night. I stir it in, and drink it down with my vitamins. Its working. No more pain no more heaviness feeling constantly etc. I am wondering if the extra fiber is also helping me not feel hungry as often?
Mainecyn, I am thinking about putting back potatoes in my diet because I haven't had those in awhile, but I too am not sure how my body will handle them. As far as other people binging goes, I too do not know any "serious bingers" like me - I do know people who might run to food when they feel distressed (i'm more of a binge the day away type), but I also sorta remind myself that we all have our own individual experiences, and my own growing up/life experiences were really strange and abusive in a strange way, so I couldn't relate to anyone else around me anyways - it makes sense that compared to others, I have an unusual attitude towards food...and everything else. LOL

As far as the pooing goes, I am very very very much into that. I have never had good experience with ANY conventional tips - I could recommend going on
this site
especially the question
"What is the best diet for constipation relief?"
Following all the tips and reading into really finally helped me with my constipation - I've been a fiber-believer for years and years!

Also, I just wanted to add, that from an outside perspective, even though it may feel like to you that nothing much has changed, when I read your posts it DOES seem like you've made a lot of awesome changes - meaningful, introspective ones and that will carry people farther than those who mindlessly follow X, Y and Z techniques - making what big or small changes we can mindfully.

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."
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