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Default IE - Self-Acceptance

I feel like dieting has been this big wound in my life that is now finally really healing. And with that healing comes a comfortable existence - not one flawed, where every decision I made revolved around whether it would burn calories. I believe I grew detached because of dieting, and that not only by hating my body, I also hated more than my body. Detachment from one's body is counterproductive; it basically means you can't feel and that your sense of existence is not as real as it could be. Detachment means exercising because it burns calories rather than because it's a fun thing to do - don't we see how disjointed that is? It means eating spinach because it is less calories rather than because it's an enjoyable thing to eat. It means putting our fork down because we felt totally satisfied - on every level, and in our own mind/hearts - not because we're told we need to by some IE authority.

Would like to start a discussion regarding self-acceptance as it relates to IE, a topic I don't see too often on this board.

Self-acceptance, meaning - not looking so hard in the mirror for your personal flaws, disconnecting and dissecting body parts (i.e. if I could just cut off this fat stomach, then I'd be okay).

Self-acceptance, meaning - not having to try too hard to find good qualities in yourself outside of your appearance, because those qualities are what you focus on more than how you look.

Self-acceptance, meaning - not patting myself on the back because I feel thin today, but patting myself on the back because I shared a joyous moment with my son.

Self-acceptance, meaning - owning your personality, your reactions, your opinions, without apology...

Seriously, there's a whole lot more to life than how we dissect our eating habits and the food on our tables - analyzing on the molecular level whether it's going to trigger our metabolism or give us gray hair. No matter how bad food is, I'm willing to bet the stress we get over it on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis, is far more debilitating.

I love this new feeling of "connectedness." Would love to hear how others are making out on this topic...

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