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Good morning girls. It has cooled off quite a bit, but it is still ok and not horribly cold like it was. Kelly is helping her friend move today so some time this afternoon they should be here to pick up the bed and tv and dvd player. Jack carried the tv down for them and he will probably be home when they get here this afternoon too so will probably help with the bed. Luckily it is just a double so shouldn't be too hard to get down the stairs and out the door to her van, but don't know if it will fit in the van. I gave her the length and wide so we shall see.

I got a nice start on the shawl. The yarn is called Misty Morn and it seems to fit, don't you think?

Jean: Keep that sun block handy! Hope you find something fun to do this afternoon to replace the whale watching. Shopping indoors sounds good. I actually had a gecko get into my house several years ago. It had to have been a pet, but I wasn't going to go looking for the owner. I got it outside but it was a job. They do move fast. When Kelly's family were in Costa Rica she said the lizards walked all over the place and some of the things were pretty big. She showed me a pic of one just ambling down the sidewalk.

Maggie: I always try to start a good walking program before the cruise because the piers are a long walk into town for sure let alone just walking the length of the ship and we are going on the biggest one this year.

I guess I better get upstairs and make the bed and straighten up so Kelly's friend doesn't think we are slobs. Have a great weekend all. Faye
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