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Lulu... I am sorry you got more bad weather! BOO! and shoot. and Double shoot, that the doctor is upping your Prednizone... but if it helps with the swelling and pain (does the cold winter weather make it worse??) then that is for your health and happiness to have less pain and it makes life alittle more tolerable = Happier Lulu. The weight will come off (congrats on getting rid of 1 of those lbs! buh bye lb! LOL) I, too, several years ago had long periods of no TOM and thought that it was menopause too (I guess it was.. I have not gone to a Gyn in a Long time - bad experience 10 years ago). Be careful tho.. going thru monthly draughts.. sometimes you get a surprise month! LOLOLOLOL I never had a bad hot flash so was lucky ... are you doing okay?!

To all.. I am taking a few days to get my head on straight. After my friend (crush) dying and my cat and my A**hole Vet and his condensending conversation to me about making my cat a girl next time and his teeny tiny penis and the cost! (Cat is still NOT PEEING! and now can't walk on on of his front paws - IV??!!! don't know) I am in a bad place and am trying to be strong and stay away from stuff I know I just cannot eat a bunch of (working on a box of chocolates that I was given and should have thrown away.. but the little voice is stopping me.. even as I type this... I am looking at the box and know what I need to do and it is stronger than me right now... I WILL find the strength) but until I get that mind frame.. I will be here.. but not post. I am ROOTING again for you all.. KNOW THAT! and I know you all root for me too.. I KNOW THAT too... its just me...

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