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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
I am gaining though, now I am weight training....a lot. I hope it's muscle. The protein in the fish should be good for that.
Scale is useless for tracking muscle gain/loss. It only measures overall body weight.

Assuming that measuring your body composition via water is not an option (although it's the gold standard to measure fat to lean) you have to understand that the scale is kind of useless to measure muscle gain. The easiest thing you can do to track progress is to take a tape measure and get baseline body measurements (tape measure should always be level and not overly compressing tissue): Neck, upper arm, upper chest (under arms), "bust" (nipple level), waist (for men, at bellybutton, for women waist and bellybutton are generally two measurements), hip, upper thigh, mid thigh, mid calf. These should be repeated once per week.

As long as the measurements go up somewhat equally, yeah, you're gaining muscle, especially if your strength gains steadily go up. If you gain ONLY in say, your hips or abdomen, especially accompanied by no strength gains, that's an indicator you're headed down the wrong path and need to revise your diet or workout (or both).

Thinking of it as a work in progress, not a one time shot helps. Basically you are constantly striving to be the best you that you can achieve. It's not a chore, it's a lifetime goal.
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