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Originally Posted by superchick36 View Post
Kaplods-What brand are you using? Are you seeing good results?
Miracle is the brand I'm using, but when I run out I'll buy whichever brand I can find cheapest that contains 1000mg garcinia cambogia with 60% HCA, and potassium (50mg).

Miracle also contains chromium and calcium, but those are both in my daily vitamin.

I've been on stimulant appetite suppressants, and the garcinia effects are not like that at all. It doesn't eliminate hunger or make me forget to eat, but it does seem to strengthen my resovle to stay on plan. It somehow makes it easier and less stressful to stick to my plan. For me, it's more a willpower booster than a true appetite suppressant.

Usually I gain several pounds during pms/tom week. This week I stayed on plan, and rapidly gained and then rapidly lost 2 lbs of water gain. My "normal" is to gain 5-10 lbs quickly, which requires the rest of the month to lose. Having a no-gain hunger week does feel a bot like a miracle.
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