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Originally Posted by Lulu64 View Post
ecdcslim: I didn't get an orientation either. I guess it just depends on where you live. I live in Washington State.
I'm in the DC metro area. So I'm trying to eat 'normally' which for me now means Phase 3 breakfast, lunch is mostly P1 veggies and romaine salad with dressing, a sprinkle of cheese, tuna and egg (altho today, they served grilled salmon and green beans, OMG YUMMY), a bar or shake for 4 pm snack and grilled fish, roasted veggies that now include sweet potatoes and squash. I have to admit, I want a tiny piece of chocolate so I have that and I find 1 piece (1 Lindt ball, 1 square of 70% cocoa, etc) does the trick. Some nights I just don't want the carbs, I've gotten use to eating roasted asparagus and cauliflower and after working all day, an hour commute home, I just want to roast some fish and veggies. DH travels, so he's either not home during the week or he's been working all day from the home office so neither one of us wants to expend a lot of energy on dinner. We use to drink a bottle of wine between the 2 of us for dinner 2-3 times a week, those days are gone for me now. I might have a glass instead of the chocolate but it hasn't been appealing to me so far. How are you doing?
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