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Hugs, you have been through a lot lately. Glad the ankle is feeling better. We're supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon. It's very windy.
If she comes back she will get the twin bed.
I haven't heard from her either.

Shoveling leaves is a first for me. Never heard of it so thanks for explaining it. Good job on going to the Y.

I'm going to start a challenge but, like Annie I'll have to do either wall push ups or counter height push ups.

Didn't really know what dry needles was until I read your post on FB. sorry
you are in such pain.

Hope you headache is better.

I'll check out the web cam later. What a neat idea!

I need to go to Wally world for a few items sometime this week end. Been under a lot of stress this week. We've been having trouble with a valve at work. I'm getting to old to be running up and down the stairs and climbing over the pipes.
Need to get up and get started with the house work.
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